Vision & Message


That “Beit Al Khair” becomes the leading in the field of providing outstanding humanitarian services in UAE according to the highest practices.



  1. To provide financial and in-kind assistance to the needy in UAE through innovative programs and projects.
  2. To provide support for needy students in various stages of education.
  3. To cooperate with institutions working in UAE to promote social responsibility towards the UAE society.
  4. Innovation and creativity in charity work, the happiness of the beneficiaries, improving the indicators of family solidarity and community cohesion, and keep up with whatever related to achieving of UAE Vision 2021.
  1. Compliance with the rules of Islamic Sharia and UAE laws governing the charity work.
  2. Brining happiness to neediest families and groups in the community
  3. Being just in aid disbursement and non-discrimination between applicants for assistance.
  4. Transparency and integrity in spending and management of funding sources.

Chairman's Message

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Beit Al Khair Society, which is of today's new suit, celebrating  visitors who are interested to work

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