“Basma” / “Smile”

“Basma” / “Smile” Program

"Basma/Smile" program is intended to gratify eligible segments of the society, such as the orphans, aged, and people of determination. It is meant to put a smile on their faces, enhance their trust in their society and to encourage them to positively integrate in life.


  •  Orphans Happiness Project.

It is aimed to bring happiness to Emirati orphans, present them with cash and in-kind gifts in feasts and occasions, and organise recreational activities that make them happy, and make them feel how considerate and compassionate the society is towards them.

  • Senior Citizens Happiness Project.

It is aimed to please Senior Citizens by presenting cash and in-kind gifts to them, and organising special parties for them. These represent an additional value to the social, health and nutritious care the society initially renders to them.

  •  Determined People Happiness Project.

It is aimed to support and sponsor the people of the determination financially, psychologically and medically. It is also meant to boost their self-confidence, develop their skills, and provide them with all possible opportunities to have better control over their future and be efficiently involved in the society.


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