“Farha” / “Joy”

“Farha” / “Joy” Program

"Farha/Joy" program spans a number of projects meant to delight beneficiary families and cases in special occasions and feasts. It provides them with food assistance and cash gifts so that they can enjoy the social and devotional atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan, and spend a happy feast full of joy as is the case with other members of the society.


  • Ramadan Meer / Foodstuff Project.

It is aimed to secure the foodstuff needs of indigent and low-income families, and supply whatever basic foods they need for Iftar or fast-ending meal in Ramadan so that they can enjoy their time and be satisfied during the holy month.


  • Iftar / Fast-Ending Project.

It is aimed to secure Iftar meals for those who do not have a chance to eat their Iftar meal with family. Ramadan tents are installed at the gathering areas of these, such as labour camps and stations.


  • Zakat Al Fitr / Fast-Ending Alms Project.

Zakat Al Fitr, prescribed by Almighty Allah, has to be given in Ramadan. It is obligatory for all Muslims and those under their responsibility. It is distributed in sacks of fine rice, along with suitable cash amounts.


  • Edeya / Feast Gift Project.

The Society presents this cash gift to the children of eligible families with advent of Eid Al Fitr / Fast-Ending Feast and Eid Al Adha / Feast of Sacrifice so that they can buy their needs and spend a happy time in these two occasions.


  • Adahi / Sacrificial Livestock Project.

Sacrificial livestock are slaughtered and distributed across the country under this project in collaboration with accredited slaughterhouses. The best health and environment standards are strictly observed in this project. All registered families are targeted by this scheme which is meant to bring them happiness during the feast.


  • Food for All Project.

Meals, juices, and water are distributed in specially equipped vehicles to workers, passersby, and low-income families , under this project.


  • Nusuk /Sacrifice Project.

The project, meant to delight vulnerable and low-income families, and provide them with fresh meat, spans charity sacrifices, Aqaeq "newborn sacrifice" and Nuzoor "Vow Sacrifice". All livestock sacrifices are slaughtered as per the best health and environmental conditions.


  • Foodstuff Project.

This project serves as an additional support to eligible cases who are provided with financial vouchers (coupons) or electronic cards of limited value. They can use these in buying their foodstuff needs from the malls and cooperative societies in partnership with "Beit Al Khair".


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