“Fazah” / “Relief”

“Fazah” / “Relief” Program

This fundamental program is meant to ease the suffering of indigent families and those encountered with an emergency situation until they overcome the same and pick up where they left off.


  • Emergency Aid Project.

This project supplies fixed aids for targeted families so that they can survive the emergency situation they are through with unharmed and unhurt. These allowances are provided either once or until the beneficiary family passes though.


  • Elaj / Treatment Project.

This project provides medical services to resident patients or those whose disease is not covered by health insurance. They get all due care as much as possible, let alone emergency surgeries. 


  • Defaulters Project.

This project is aimed to pay the debts of defaulters, particularly those on pension and fail to collect their pension salaries without initially making payment. The inmates jailed on unsettled debts are also supported under this project.  





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