“Hafez” / “Incentive”

 “Hafez” / “Incentive” Program

  • Housing Aid Project:

Showing Gratitude

This project is meant to support and assist the families who fail to fully meet the conditions of their housing by identifying the impeding reasons behind and coming up with suitable solutions in collaboration with the institutions and authorities concerned.

House Maintenance

This project is meant to assist the families whose houses are in need for maintenance. Due repairs are provided as per the best standards so that they can safely stay in. Eligible families are also helped pay out their outstanding rents.

Household items project

This project supplies the basic household items which indigent families need. It also replaces their overused or worn-out home appliances that no longer meet their needs or pose a risk to family members.


  • Productive Families Empowerment Project

This project helps members of indigent families start a productive project to be financially independent and self-sufficient. The capital of the aspired project, along with training and marketing are provided.  

  • “Give old stuff new life” Project

Old clothes and furniture are collected and sold to recycling companies under this project. The revenues are used in purchasing new clothes and furniture for eligible people. The social scheme helps protect the environment as well.




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