“Hafez” / “Incentive”

 “Hafez” / “Incentive” Program

"Hafez/Incentive” Program provides an added value to the standard of living of the families in need. This makes their life safer and more stable. It also helps them focus more on developing their future. All possible needs for a decent life have been secured for them.


  • Housing Support Project.

It aims to support and help low-income families who failed to fully meet their housing conditions, or are living in a rented house, but can not pay due rent.


  • House Maintenance project.

It aims to help the families with residence issues, by providing maintenance service, as per the best standards, so that their houses become safe to live in.


  • Household Items Project.

It provides basic household items for the families in need for the same, or in case they have malfunctioning equipment. The same applies when they have devices with defects that pose a risk to the safety of the family.


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