“Amaan” / “Safety”

“Aman” / “Safety” Program

Aman is a monthly program designed to amply cover the needs of poor and low-income families so that they can enjoy an honourable life in view of the moderate standard of living in the UAE. This program consists of:


  • Families Monthly Cash Assistance  Project.

Monthly cash allowances are provided for the cases verified by staff social workers to be in need for such fixed grants so that they can support their family members and ensure their living and social stability.


  • Monthly Cash & In-Kind Assistance Project. 

Food and in-kind support is provided for deprived families via value-added smart cards they can use to buy their monthly needs from any cooperative society across the country, and hence live a sound and convenient life.


  • Orphans Families' Monthly Assistance Project.

This project is meant to secure a stable and convenient life for the orphans by supporting their families and sponsoring their members so that they can live a sound and stress-free life, and get due care.


  • Families of the determined Monthly Assistance Project.

This project is aimed to ensure sufficient care for the people of determination, surround them with positive ambiances so that they can invest their potentials, reach their objectives. It also provides them with due health care, and medical and mobile appliances.


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