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Dear benevolent brother..

Dear benevolent sister..

We always find you standing by the poor and needy fellows. At Beit Al Khair Society, we put before you the opportunity to be of help to your brothers and decent families suffering from the lack of means and inadequate income, to extend to them a caring hand and pick up them to safety.

Through its schemes and projects, the Society aims to reach many of such people who refrain from asking, or who undergo hardship and have no one to resort to or to support, once the Society validates their conditions and their need for help via its Department of Social Research, operating in the UAE society which we do cover. So please harry and extend to them with what you can or what your Zakat fund requires you to pay out of your wealth.

By way of its projects, Beit Al Khair Society aims at promoting solidarity and cementing brotherhood and boost compassion among members of the community. The Society hopes that you will back it up in this cause and stay in touch with it via the following phone and account numbers:


Beit Al Khair Society: "UAE to UAE"


Donation through SMS " Etisalat and Du"


Project Keywords Donation Number Price
Fasting breakfast   2311 10    AED
Urgent Cases Fazah 2311 10    AED


Project Keywords Donation Number Price
Alms   2313 20    AED
Urgent Cases Fazah 2313 20    AED


Project Keywords Donation Number Price
Charitable Endowment   2316 50    AED
Urgent Cases Fazah 2316 50    AED


Project Keywords Donation Number Price
Oath Penance   2317 100  AED
Urgent Cases Fazah 2317 100  AED


Bank Accounts :-

Dubai Islamic Bank

Zakat account (IBAN) No.  AE69 0240 0025 2051 1717 801
  Account No.

0025 2051 1717 801

Sadakat account (IBAN) No.  AE91 0240 0025 2051 1714 301
  Account No. 0025 2051 1714 301
Sadakat Account - Care of Orphans (IBAN) No.  AE64 0240 0025 2051 1714 302
  Account No. 0025 2051 1714 302


Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Zakat account (IBAN) No. AE13 0500 0000 0001 2888 809
  Account No.                1 2888 809
Sadakat account (IBAN) No. AE15 0500 0000 0001 2888 870
  Account No.                1 2888 870


Emirates Islamic

Treatment Account (IBAN) No. AE72 0340 0037 0726 1001 803
  Account No.     0037 0726 1001 803

Free phones

Main Branch (Dubai)  80022554
Ras Al Khaimah Branch 80022550
Fujairah Branch 80022551



Chairman's Message

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Beit Al Khair Society, which is of today's new suit, celebrating  visitors who are interested to work

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