Beit Al Khair Society

The word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Beit Al Khair Association, which takes on a new look today, to celebrate its guests and visitors who are interested in charitable work in the beloved UAE.

The association was established in 1989 AD by a group of businessmen in Dubai, with a humanitarian initiative aimed at establishing a public benefit association that specializes in working within the country on innovative administrative and technical foundations. They called it "Beit al-Khair Association", and it was declared by Ministerial Resolution No. 41 of 1989 AD. And they were keen to alleviate the suffering of their fellow countrymen, and to provide assistance to all those who sought refuge to them, and were assured of their entitlement to help.

Since its birth, the association has sought to benefit the needy families and deserving groups, through an integrated package of projects and programs, to serve all of them in the service of the poor, the needy, widows, divorced women, the low-income, the sick, the families of the prison inmates, the affected, the defaulting, the insolvent, the debtor, the people of determination and orphans.

The Association provides monthly assistance to more than 5,200 families per month, or more than 61,000 individuals, who are waiting for their cash assistance every month, and it looks forward to supporting philanthropists, businessmen and white-hands in society, so that it can fulfill its obligations towards them, so that they can enjoy a decent life, just like their brothers. Who from God be upon them from the people of the nation.

The association welcomes the donation, no matter how much or less, for a dirham may have preceded a thousand dirhams, and it also welcomes in-kind donations of food, equipment and supplies that benefit and fit the targeted families, and it transforms your donation to the most needy people, after investigating their conditions through the social research device that characterized Beit Al Khair And it became an example in charitable work within the country, for the competence of the social researchers we chose, the research methods that they adopt, and the modern administrative organization that was behind the association obtaining the ISO certificate for two consecutive sessions.

Welcome to our website pages, and we welcome every idea, suggestion or observation that enriches our performance and its development, and pushes the charitable work in the UAE forward. We hope that the Lord will make this in the balance of your good deeds.

Juma al Majid
Chairman of the Board of Directors