Beit Al Khair Society

In 1989, an elite group of businessmen in Dubai come up with a humanitarian initiative of seeing an association of public benefit to operate exclusively in the UAE, using the state-of-the art technical and administrative tools.

The association was named "Beit Al Khair Society" and was declared by the Ministerial Decree No. 41/1989. The chief aim and drive of the founders were to actively participate in alleviating the hardship of their fellow citizens, and provide assistance to whosever resorted to them once they verify how truly deserving they are. Nay, rather than waiting to be approached for help; they search the needy people and reach out those who refrain to ask for help out of modesty.

Since inception, the Society endeavored to extend a helping hand to needy families and deserving segments through a package of projects and schemes it delivers, evaluates, enhances and expands all to serve the poor, the destitute, the widows, the divorcees, the low-income, the patients, the families of prison inmates, the victims of disasters, the defaulters, the insolvents, the debtors, Determined People Happiness and the orphans.

Beit Al Kheir became a role model in planning, performance and achievements. It embodied the love of the Emirati person for charitable and humanitarian causes. He is very thoughtful towards his brother, a leader to rescue, a frontrunner to good deeds, bounty and giving. No wander of all these; for it is a mirror image of the inborn traditions and values inherited by the UAE people from their ancestors. It is the noble trails embroiled in the hearts of the citizens by the late, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, May Allah bestow His Mercy upon him, and then followed by His Highness, Sheikh Khalifah bin Zayed Al Nahayan, May Allah look after him, Head of the State, and further reinforced and stamped by His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, May Allah look after him, who has launched many initiatives and promoted the value of charitable and humanitarian endeavor. On the same pattern went Their Highnesses Rulers of the Emirates till eventually the initiative of good cause has become an identity of the UAE and a salient feature of it.

We pray that these projects and schemes will attract your admiration as they were all the result of in-depth studies of the very state of these segments. We hope you will be confident that Beit Al Khair Society is very keen to channel your funds to the neediest people, and that is the arena for contenders.

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