Beit Al Khair Society

Vision Mission & Values

Sustainable development of charitable, humanitarian and community work, and the delivery distinguished charitable services up to the highest practices


Boosting up solidarity and charitable partnerships for satisfying and empowering families and most vulnerable strata in the UAE society, and showing leadership in social responsibility nationwide


  • Adherence to Islamic Sharia
  • Compliance with UAE laws
  • Justice and transparency
  • Social solidarity
  • Creativity and excellence

Strategic Objectives 2022 - 2026

  • Improving the standard of living of needy families.
  • Developing the Society endowments and increasing the opportunities for innovative and sustainable endowment.
  • Coping with the National Agenda for improving the happiness of the beneficiaries and enhancing social solidarity and cohesion.
  • Increasing and developing financial resources.
  • Enhancing partnerships with various government and private entities, and communicating with key donors.
  • Developing and maintaining the capabilities of human resources.