Beit Al Khair Society

Quality Policy


Copyrights are reserved for Beit Al Khair Society. No part of this document / policy may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the general director; whoever fails to do so shall be held responsible.

Ommitment to Quality:

We are committed to providing reliable quality services and ensuring full control. This means nothing but quality services for all beneficiaries. All external quality benchmarks are to be met by the General Administration, administrative units and quality coordinators. We are all set to be a role model for charitable entities in the country by providing the best services, in view of the country vision, achieving the national agenda and bringing happiness to all customers through:

  • Achieving the strategic objectives that support charitable operations and help provide the best humanitarian services as per the Society vision.
  • Developing the Society services and activities incessantly as per the requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 and the observations and customer satisfaction systems ISO 10002: 2018 and ISO 10004: 2018.
  • Achieving our quality objectives and reviewing them on a regular basis.
  • Complying with the rules and regulations that govern charitable work, adhering to transparency, clarity and principles of corporate governance.
  • Measuring Beit Al Khair's customers’ satisfaction with the services provided to meet their needs, exceeding their expectations and enhancing their satisfaction all the time.
  • Improving the performance of Beit Al Khair employees, providing them with all resources and motivating their imitativeness and excellence.
  • Taking the lead in providing the humanitarian services that best meet the wishes of donors and the needy.
  • Preparing, applying and maintaining an effective system for receiving customers’ feedback and remarks, and sorting them out for free ensuring transparency, fairness, ease of communication, responsiveness, objectivity, confidentiality and responsibility, in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 10002 / 2018.

We try our best to keep improving all these areas and leveling up our services to best meet the needs and future expectations of our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

The requirements of quality management system are an integral part of the Society. They go in line with our strategic plan and regulatory risk assessment which are annually reviewed to make sure that our quality management system is properly updated.

Beit Al Khair Society, meeting the requirements of ISO 10002: 2018, ISO 10004: 2018, ISO 9001: 2015, will remain committed to fulfilling customer needs, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance and enhancing customer satisfaction. The requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 specify the quality objectives framework and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS).

Quality objectives:

Beit Al Khair Society quality objectives and priorities are defined in terms of achieving our strategic objectives, meeting the needs of our stakeholders and our management of risks and opportunities. These are apart from our tireless effort to keep improving all areas of quality management system and customer services.


The leadership responsibility of our quality management system is on the general administration and quality coordinators. This is part of their leadership responsibility and commitment to developing and implementing quality management system and constant improvement of its effectiveness by:

  • Providing sufficient resources and support for effective implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system.
  • This policy and related procedures are to be circulated to all administrative units in Beit Al Khair Society.
  • All staff employees are well aware of the importance of meeting the requirements of ISO 10002: 2018, ISO 10004: 2018, ISO 9001: 2015, and do understand the implications of their role and responsibilities, including what it will entail if quality requirements are not met.

All employees are responsible for implementing the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 10002: 2018, ISO 10004: 2018, ISO 9001: 2015 to ensure quality consistency in all our operations.


The General Administration and Quality Coordinators are responsible for promoting our quality policy among all employees, volunteers as well as our external and internal service providers to ensure that all our quality expectations are well known and understood.
This policy will be available on our website and will be submitted to any person or organization involved in delivering our activities. Any specific quality requirements relating to how the process, product or service is delivered will be determined in any contract or agreement under this activity. The General Administration will annually review the list of the parties that need to be aware of our quality policy and quality requirements.

Management Review:

The General Administration should review the quality management system and customers’ feedback and satisfaction systems, at least every twelve months, to ensure their constant relevance, adequacy and effectiveness. This review includes evaluation of improvement opportunities and the need for QMS changes, including quality policy and quality objectives. The validity of the administrative review is to be determined in the Management Review Procedure document. The General Administration shall make any decision and determine the required procedures related to the following:

  • Improvement of QMS effectiveness and operations.
  • Improvement of the Society activities to meet customers’ needs.
  • Availability of resources.

Monitoring and Measurement:

Beit Al Khair Society is committed to incessant improvement of the effectiveness of its quality management system by:

  • Collecting participants, partners and stakeholders’ feedback.
  • Monitoring customers’ perceptions on the fulfillment of their needs and expectations.
  • Analyzing complaints and observations.
  • Internally auditing the effectiveness of QMS on a regular basis.
  • Maintaining a record of preventive actions, risks and opportunities.
  • Analyzing all monitoring or evaluation activities.

Any progress in implementing the requirements of this policy and quality management system will be measured through the Society management review process and in view of the data above, during the management review meeting. The results of this review will be presented to the General Administration. As and when there is any concern re the quality of our services, either via external feedback or complaint, or through internal monitoring, we shall remain committed to investigating the problem and resolving it positively and as quickly as possible, in accordance with our procedures. We will always strive to learn about and optimize any arising issues.

This policy has been developed to be regularly reviewed by the General Administration to remain relevant and consistent with the Society's strategy and policies.